วิทยาศาสตร์และเทคโนโลยีแห่งประเทศไทย ครั้งที่ 23

20 - 22 ตุลาคม 2540

ณ โรงแรมโลตัสปางสวนแก้ว เชียงใหม่

Papers Presented at the 23rd Congress on Science and Technology of Thailand,

20-22 October 1997

1. T. Vilaithong. High Intensity Coherent Far Infrared Radiation From Electron Beams.

2. B. Soonthornthum. New Insights of the Universe Through the Hubble Space Telescope.

3. J. Sornsrivichai. Development of Postharvest Science in Thailand And Its Implementation.

4. K. Grudpan. Flow Injection Analysis : Examples and Applications for Sustainability Research.

5. S. Anuntalabhochai, N. Terryn, M. van Montagu, and D. Inze. Small GTP-binding proteins : Signal Transduction in plant.

6. T. Krairojananan, S. Lertthasani and A. Boonyoi. Information Technology for Science and Technology.

7. K. Keow-Kam-Nerd. Implementation of the Recent Technology for Quality Improvement of Pottery.

8. T. Tunkasiri, S. Sirisoonthorn and K. Santrakul. Thailand and Advance Ceramics.

9. P. Asnachinda. Underground Waters of the Chiang Mai - Lamphun Basin : Problems of Contamination and Sustainable Development.

10. B. Ratanasthien. 25 MA Before Transformed to be Fossil Fuels in Northern Thailand.

11. M. Rayanakorn. Chromatography-mass Spectrometry : Unrivalled Technology for Complete Analysis of Mixtures.

12. P. Leksawasdi. Insect Biodiversity in the North.

13. C. Trisonthi. Traditional Knowledge and Uses of Northern Thai Flora.

14. S. Lacharojana and C. Wongtawatnugool. Gradient Refractive Index Study in a Solution Using a CCD Camera.

15. C. Wongtawatnugool and S. Lacharojana. The Use of CCD-array in Particle Size Analysis.

16. D. Boonyawan and T. Vilaithong. A 13.56 MHz Multicusp Oxygen Ion Source.

17. A. Aungwerojwit and B. Soonthornthum. Analysis of Physical Properties of Binary System RT Lacertae by wilson and Devinney Technique.

18. B. Gumjudpai, G. Rujijanagul, and T. Tunkasiri. Ferroelectric Properties of Barium Titanate Single Crystal.

19. S. Kiennork, S. Thongtem, Y. Liangdeng and T. Thongtem. High Temperature Oxidation of Selected Titanium Alloys.

20. W. Praditwieangkum, K. Grudpan and P. Sooksamiti. The Effect of pH on the Absorption Spectrum of Yttrium Arsenazo III Complex.

21. J. Jakmunee, K. Grudpan and W. Frenzel. Effect of Some Chemical Species on the Dialysis of Iron.

22. W. Maison, S. Kongtaweelert and S. Phanichphant. Preparation of Modified Barium Titanate Powders by Catecholate Process.

23. S. Kongtaweelert, K. Rugsasat and S. Phanichphant. Preparation of Barium Titanate Powders by Catecholate Process.

24. S. Naulpralax and S. Phanichpant. Synthesis of Lead Titanate Powders by Sol - Gel Method.

25. J. Namahoot and V. Rattanaphani. Synthesis of Zinc Hydroxystannate and Zinc Stannate Cassiterite.

26. S. Rattanaphani, A. Chinsuttiprapa and V. Rattanaphani. Fire Retardant Properties of Zinc Stannate.

27. S. Kruanetr, S. Rattaphani and S. Liawruangrath. Preparation and Analysis of High TC Superconductor Bismuth Systems.

28. S. Sakulkhaemaruethai, S. Liawruangrath and N. Mangkorntong. Determination OF Yttrium in High TC Superconducting Materials by Colorimetry.

29. N. Molloy, C. Sasisil, T. Laohapiboonrattana and W. Saiyasombat. Dilatometric and Gravimetric Studies of the Kinetics of the Ring-Opening Bulk Polymerisation of +Caprolactone.

30. N. Wongtien and S. Phutrakul. Extraction and Chemical Composition of Yellow Pigments from Curcuma, Jack Fruit Wood and Marigold.

31. B. Puttanu, D. Supyen and V. Sardsud. Antifungal and Mosquito Larvicidal Compounds form Piper betle Linn.

32. S. Thavinchai and W. Khananthai. Structure Elucidation of Anitifertillizing Agents, the Components in the Barks of Nomnang.

33. N. Leelapatra, T. Cheanpratoom, W.Khananthai, D. Budhsuk G. Klunklin, K. Nopawong, N. Malaitong and N. Longani. Investigation of Anitfertilizing agents from Gwow Leaves, Completement in Extraction.

34. P. Poolmee, R. Molloy, N. Molloy and J. Siripitayananon. Production and Characterisation of Polypropylene Monofilament Fibres.

35. A. Jongautchariyakul, T. Siriwittayakorn, R. Molly and P. Kitsawatpaiboon. Design of a Bulk Polymerisation Mould for the Preparation of Poly (2 - Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate)-Based Hydrogels in The Form of Thin Sheets.

36. W. Saiyasombat, R. Molloy and S. Poshyachida. A Study of Ring Strain and Polymerisability in Cyclic Esters.

37. C. Paseepon, R. Klawikorn, T. Siriwittayakorn, N. Suebsanit and R. Molloy. Improvement in the Flexibility of Poly (2-Hydrozyethyl Methacrylate) Hydrogel Thin Sheets by Copolymerisation with Butyl Acryalate.

38. M. Sriyai, N. Molloy and R. Molloy. Structure-Property Relationships Involved in the in Vitro Biodegradation of some Speciality Biomedical Polymers.

39. A. Charuchinda, N. Molloy and R. Molloy. Molecular Design and Synthesis of New Biodegradable Polyesters for Potential use in Surgery.

40. K. Na Lampang, R. Molloy and N. Molloy. Synthesis and Characterisation of L-Lactide- +-Caprolactone Copolymers for use in Surgery.

41. R. Kunthapath, R. Watanesk and S. Pimjun. Matrix Effect Correction for Trace Element Analysis in Soil Samples by Isotope X-ray Fluorescence Method.

42. P. Kitsawatpaiboon, M. Rayanakorn. Rapid Identification of some Common Organic Solvents by Gas Chromatography-mass Spectrometry.

43. S. Satienperakul and S. Liawruangrath. Indirect Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometric Determination of Ascorbic Acid in Fruit Juice.

44. O. Tue-Ngeun, I. McKelvie and K. Grudpan. Determination of Phosphate by Flow Injection- Fluorimetry.

45. N. Worakijcharoenchai, K. Grudpan, W. Kunawanakit and S. Jungkasaemchokchai. Flow Injection Determination of High Sulphate Contents in Water Samples.

46. S. Liawruangrath and T. Pojanagaroon. A Novel Flow Injection Colorimetric Procedure for Nickel (II) Determination in Tea.

47. B. Liawruangrath and S. Liawruangrath. Flow Injection Spectrophotometric Determination of Paracetamol in Pharmaceutical Preparations.

48. K. Jitmanee, M. Rayanakorn and P. Kitsawatpaiboon. Gas-liquid Chromatographic Separations of Common Organic Solvents.

49. T. Na-Chiengmai and M. Rayanakorn. Ion Chromatographic Determination of some Heavy Metals in Drinking Water Using Post-column Derivatization.

50. C. Chinvong-amorn and S. Watanesk. Degradation Study of Nitrite and Nitrate in Commercial Fermented Pork Sausage by Ion Chromatography.

51. D. Bhudhasukh, M. Rayanakorn, B.Ternai, P. Kitsawatpaiboon, S. Kanjanawong, I. Intasarn and D. Chaisung. Improvement of the Purity of used Mercury Metal.

52. S. Lumyong and N. Wongsuriya. Isolation of Endophytic Actinomycetes from Root of Four Monocotyledon.

53. A. Nakwa and N. Sitasuwan. Territorial Changes and Parental Care Potential of the Oriental Magpie Robin (Copsychus saularis).

54. T. Singtripop, W. Saejung A. Nettagul and S. Wanichacheewa. Study of Morphology of Bamboo Borer (Omphisa fuscidentalis Hampson) by Stereomicroscope and Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM).

55. W. Choopong, A. Rojanapaibul and T. Marayong. A Study on the Life History of Cotugnia sp. Diamare, 1893.

56. P. Sriburee, C. Jatisatien, P. Khanjanasthiti, N. Vanittanakom and S Woraurai. The Effects of The Carbon Source Concentration, Temperature, pH, and CO2 on Transformation of Penicillium Marneffei from Conidia.

57. A. Nettagul and S. Wanichachewa. Effects of Herbs in Alcohol and in Water on Sexual Behavior of Male Rats.

58. S. Aritajat, K. Kaweewat and V. Manorunang. Toxicological Study of some Antifertility Plants Extracts by Micronucleus Test.

59. M. Pookanjanatavip, M. Berenbaum, M. Schuler and S. Sligar. Catalytic Site Mutagenesis of Cytochrome P-450 6B1v1.

60. P. Aobchey and P. Kanasawud. Separation of Protease Excreted from Thermophilic Bacteria F-13 by Sephadex G-75 Column and Isoelectric Focusing.

61. S. Sinchaikul and S. Phutrakul. Effects of Calcium Ion and Thiol-reactive Reagements on Thermostability of Protease Secreted from a Thermophilic Bacterium Strain Tls33.

62. B. Sookkheo, S. Phutrakul, Shui-Tein Chen and Kung-Tsung Wanng. Kinetic Constants of Aspartate Aminotransferase from Twelve Keto-acid Substrates.

63. T. Sripuan and D. Tongkao. Glycosidases from Ling-zhi Mushroom (Ganoderma Lucidum).

64. B. Boonsinthai and S. Phutrakul. Properties of Extracellular Lipases from the Cloned Puc-TP404 and Puc-TP811.

65. W. Kongbuntad and S. Aritajat. Alkaline Phosphatase Level in Mammary and Adrenal Glands of rats Treated with Nom Nang (Pouteria cambodiana) Bark extract.

66. N. Rattanakit and A. Plikomol. Screening of Thermophilic Microorganisms Capable on Chitinase Production.

67. S. Lumyong and N. Boontim. Screening and Isolation of Endophytic Bacteria Capable Producing Important Secondary Metabolite Against Plant and Human Pathogen.

68. P. Sripalakit, S. Natakankikul, D. Buddhasukh, A. Manosroi and J. Manosroi. Synthesis of Prednisolone by Using Immobilized Microbial Cells in Two-liquid-phase System.

69. N. Rakariyatham and A. Patan. Maltodextrin Production Using Glutinous-rice Malt.

70. W. Trakarnsirinont and N. Rakariyathum. Separation of Protein from Mustard Meal.

71. R. Tinoi and N. Rakariyatham. Separation and Identification of Flavor in Dried Longan.

72. G. Wisedchaisri and N. Rakariyatham. Determanation of Fatty Acid Composition in Mustard Oil by Gas Chromatography.

73. A. Apisariyakul, S. Teekachunhatien, J. Manosroi, A. Manosroi, P. Leelapornpisid and D. Buddhaskh. The Saftey Study in Rats of Ma Toom (Aegle marmelos, Corr.) Juice Containing Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana, Bertoni) Crude Extract As a Sweetener).

74. T. Pektong and S. Traichaiyaporn. Diversity of Phytoplankton in the Reservoir of the Watershed Development Office, Chiang Mai.

75. S. Suwanakeree and Y. Peerapornpisal. Survey and Cultivation of Microalgae in 10 Areas of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai Province.

76. P. Cha-umphol and Y. Peerapornpisal. Relation Between Phytoplankton and some Nutrients in Huay Tung Toa Reservoir, Chiang Mai.

77. C. Ariyadej, Y. Peerapornpisal and S. Promkutkaew. Correlation of some Nutrients and Phytoplankton Distribution in Mae Kuang Dam Reservior, Chiang Mai.

78. O. Watchawong, P. Chantaramongkol and A. Jatisatienr. Water Quality Assessment of Mae Sa and Houy Kaew Streams Based on Habitat Quality Evaluation and Macroinvertebrates Biosurvey.

79. V. Ratanaphani and S. Ratanaphani. Study on some Water Quality Parameters in Water Samples from Chiang Mai Muang Moat.

80. W. Roongruangwongse, S. Supasi S. Promkutkaew and Y. Peerapornpisal. Analysis of Water Quality of the Ping River Over 1 Year.

81. T. Koonpradid, Y. Peerapornpisal and W. Sonthichai. The Physico-Chemical and Biological Characteristics of Water Quality in 2 Places of Chiang Mai Moat in 1995.

82. T. Somdee and S. Traichaiyaporn. The Water Quality in Chiang Mai Moat in 1996.

83. M. Chorum and S. Traichaiyaporn. Water Quality and Microalgae in Ang Kaew Reservoir ChiangMai University.

84. H. Kraibut and Y. Peerapornpisal. Water Quality and Phytoplankton Distribution in Ang Kaew Reservoir, Chiang Mai University.

85. P. Waiyaka and S. Trichaiyaporn. The Water Quality and Phytoplankton Distribution in the Resevoir of the Office of Agriculture and Cooperative, Chiang Mai Province.

86. T. Proongkiat, S. Traichaiyaporn and T. Vongyara. Water Quality and Diversity of Phytoplankton in Reservior of Huai Hong Khrai the Royal Development Study Center.

87. K. Ruangrit, W. Sonthichai and Y. Peerapornpisal. Physical, Chemical and Biological Characteristics of Water Quality in Nong Bua Phrajaolaung Resevoir, Doi Saket District, Chiang Mai Province.

88. M. Napattalung, K. Grudpan, P. Chantaramongkol, A. Jatisateinr,P.Sooksanmiti, J. Kruger, Al Schaefer and I. Campbell. Water Quality Classification Using Chemical Index : A Case Study in Chiang Mai.

89. S. Suwattanakupt, T. Marayong A. Rojanapaibul and P. Tasanasri. Survey of Protozoa in some Areas of Li River from Amphur Li Lumphun.

90. T. Marayong, A. Rojanapaibul and S. Suwattanakupt. Survey Protozoa in some Areas of Mai-Ping River of Amphur Pa-sang Lumphun.

91. I. Proongkiat, T. Marayong, A. Rojanapaibul and S. Suwattanakupt. Distribution of Protozoa in some Areas of Li River from Amphur Ban-hong Lumphun.

92. T. Pojanagaroon. S. Liawruangrath and B. Liawruangrath. Development of Flow Injection Turbidimetric Procedure for Lead Determination Using Sodium Pentamethylene-1-Carbodithioate.

93. O. Artchariyavivit and U. Hwunseng. Leaching of Vanadium from Lignite Fly Ash with Sulfuric Acid.

94. K. Choojit, S. Liawruangrath and P. Sooksamiti. Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometric Determination of some heavy Metals in Stream Sediment Samples.

95. S. Hassarangsee. U. Sardsud, M. Sukchotiratana and A. Plikomol. The Ganoderma on Doi Suthep-Pui National Park, Chiang Mai.

96. N. Putimar, U. Sardsud, M. Sukchotiratana and A. Plikomol. Growth of Pleurotus Ostreatus on Ruzi Grass, Guinea Grass and Sawadust.

97. J. Uthaibutra, S. Chatrattanakunchai and K. Saengnil. Acceleration of Fremont Mandarin Peel Colour Change by Ethephon Solution, Acelylene Gas and Calcium Carbide.

98. S. Lumvong and S. Thongkantha. Endophytic Fungi of some Species in Fagaceae Family from Doi Suthep Pui.

99. S. Leartweerasawad, D. Supren and V. Sardsud. Antifungal and Antibacterial Compounds from some Earth Crops.

100. K. Sopunna, S. Thongtem, Y. Liangdeng and T. Thongtem. High Temperature Coating of Ti-Al Alloys.

101. T. Thongtem, S. Tungsangsuwan and K. Saengkiettiyut. Corrosion Test by Salt Spray Method.

102. T. Siriwittayakorn, N. Suebsanit and R. Molloy. Water Absorption Properties of Chitosan Membranes Produced from Shrimp Shells.

103. C. Sawadeemit and R. Molloy. Molecular Design and Synthesis of Biodegradable "Soft Centre" Triblock Copoly (Ester-Ether)s.

104. C. Pachthong, J. Junsomboon, T. Srisungngam, S. Kiatwattanawisarn, P. Sooksamiti, J. Jakmunee and K. Grudpan. Determination of Iron Contents in Tablets Using a Simple Laboratory-made Colorimeter.

105. P. Leksawasdi and K. Laipradit. Using American Cockroach as a Tool in Learning and Teaching.

106. O. Prakobvitayakit, P. Chariyavidhayawat, S. Aritajat, J. Rungsiyanond, R. Lacharojana, B. Fongkaew, A. Jatisatienr and S. Dheeranupatana. The Effects of Tadpole (Rana rugulosa, Wiegmann, 1917) Population Density on the Growth, Development and Mortality.

107. O. Prakobvitayakit, P. Chariyavidhayawat, S. Aritajat and J. Rungsiyanond. Effect of The Depth of Water on the Growth and Development of Tadpoles (Rana rugulosa, Wiegmann, 1917)

108. C. Poonpun. Comparative Study of the Structure of Basic Units System Between Western and Eastern Science.

109. W. Srisuijalertwaja and P. Vattanakeeree. Building Space Utilization Assessment by Geographic Information System.

110. R. Wongchai. Student Costs Per head in the Faculty of Science, Chiang Mai University, During the Period 1992-1996.

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