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Paper Presented at The 25th Congress on Science and Technology of Thailand ( 21-22 October 1999)



    1. Aritajat, S., Kongbantad, W. and Saowakon, S. Immunohistochemical Study of Cells in Adennohypophysis of Rat Treated with Aqueous Extract from Dry Power of Pouteria Cambodiana Bark.
    2. Chainapong, T. and Traichaiyaporn, S. Diversity of Algae in Sankhampang Hot Spring (November-December, 1998).
    3. Chetiyanukornkul, T., Sonthichai, S and Chanphaya, W. Decomposition of Plant in the Deforested Gaps in Doi Suthep-Pui National Park.
    4. Choopong, W., Rojanapaibul, A. and Marayong, T. Effect of Helminths on Native Chicken Performances.
    5. Comsaiyai, I and Jaikam, S. Comparison of the Production of Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus ostrealus) Cultivated on Rice Straw with Different Nutrients.
    6. Jaikam, S. Production of Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus ostrealus) on Different Rice Bran Percentages.
    7. Kaemanucheta, W. and Traichaiyaporn, S. Biodiversity of Attached Algae in Evergreen Forest of Doi Inthanon (1).
    8. Kimpakorn, N, and Traichaiyaporn, S. Treatment of Wastewater from Pig Manure Biogas Digester by Sedge.
    9. Klinsri, T. and Leksawasdi, P. Natural Enemy of Horse Fly. Manure Biogas Digester by Sedge.
    10. Marayong, T., Rojanapaibul, A., Wongsawad, C., Proongkiat, I. And Intratip, O. Diversity of Protozoa in Mae-Sa Waterfall from Doi Suthep-Pui of Chiang Mai.
    11. Na Chiangmai, J., Anantalabhochai, S., Jamtanta, N. and Mahadtanapuk, S. Isozyme and RAPD Markers for Genetic Analysis in Pueraria.
    12. Promya, J. and Traichaiyaporn, S. Mass Culture of Spirulina platensis for Improvement of Pig Manure Biogas Digester Effluent.
    13. Proongkiat, I., Rojanapaibul, A., Kaemanucheta, W. and and Traichaiyaporn, S. Survey of Protozoa in Some Areas of Doi Inthanon, Chiang Mai.
    14. Proongkiat, T. and Traichaiyaporn, S. Improve Quality of Waste Water from Pig Manure Biogas Digester By Chlorella Sp.
    15. Rojanapaibul, A., Marayong, T., Proongkiat, I. and Suwattanakupt, S. Distribution of Protozoa in Some Areas of Northern Thailand.
    16. Roongruangwongse, W., Promkatkaew, S. and Supasai, S. Biodiversity of Chironomid Larvae (Chironomidae) and Water Quality of the Ping River after Passing Through Chiang Mai City.
    17. Saenphet, S and Kaweewat, K. Effect of Boesenbergia pandurata Holtt., Betula alnoides Buch.-Ham and Testosterone on Skin Color of Female Guppies (Poecilia reticulata).
    18. Sirirattanawarangkul, W. and Traichaiyaporn, S. Water Quality and Relationship of Algae in Mae Kha Canal, Chiang Mai Province.
    19. Somdee, T. and Peerapornpisal, Y. Distribution of Microcystis aeruginosa in the Reservoir of Mae Kuang Dam, Chiang Mai.
    20. Sonthichai, S. and Dankittipakul, P. Spiders Collected in Doi Suthep-Pui National Park.
    21. Sripuan, T. and Tongkao, D. Glycosidases and Lectin from Lions Mane Mushroom (Hericium erinaceus).
    22. Supasi, S. and Roongruangwongse, W. Biodiversity of Macroinvertebrates in Main Wetlands at Chiang Mai Lumphun Basin.
    23. Suwattanakupt, S., Rojanapaibul, A., Marayong, T and Proongkiat, I. Diversity of Protozoa in Some Areas of Northern Thailand.
    24. Tossawanchuntra, G. and Wanichacheewa, S. The Effect of Tinospora crispa to Rats Weight Gain.
    25. Traichaiyaporn, S., Chainapong, T., Proongkiat, T., Promya, J., Kaemanucheta, W., Tolarak, P. and Boonsri, K. Diversity of Phytoplankton, Benthic Algae and Water Quality of Chiang Mai Moat, Chiang Mai Province (August - December, 1998).
    26. Trisonthi, C. and Trisonthi, P. Ethnobotanical Study of the Minorities on Doi Maesalong.
    27. Trisonthi, P., Spanuchat, R. and Trisonthi, C. Plants Diversity at Doi Phuka National Park Headquaters in Phuka Sub-District, Pua District, Nan Province.
    28. Turarak, P. and Traichaiyaporn, S. Diversity of Benthic Algae and Water Quality in the Reservoir of Mae Ngat Somboonchol Dam, Chiang Mai (November-December, 1998).


    1. Aramrueng, S., Baramee, A. and Phuthdawong, W. Determination of some Diasteriomer by Low Resolution H-NMR.
    2. Artchariyavivit, O. and Kongteam, V. Optimization for Extraction Copper(ii) in Water by Flotation.
    3. Aumpun, P., Jakmunee, J. and Grudpan, G. Determination of Titanium (IV) by On-Line Dilution Flow Injection Spectrophotometry.
    4. Chaiyasat, A. and Rayanakorn, M. A Systematic Approach to the Determination of Phenols by High Performance Liquid Chromatography.
    5. Charuchinda, A., Molloy, N. and Molloy, R. Kinetic Studies of the Condensation Polymerisation Reactions Used in the Synthesis of Poly(Diethylene Glycol Oxalate) and Poly(Ethylene Succinate).
    6. Chimnoi, N. and Rayanakorn, M. Gas Chromatography of Polychlorinated Biphenyls.
    7. Chowwanapoonpohn, S. and Baramee, A. Structural Elucidation of Natural Extracts from Vitex Trifolia.
    8. Chuesaard, T., Liawruangrath, S., and Liawruangrath, B. Simple Low-Cost Flow Injection Colorimetric Determination of Tetracycline in Phamaceutical Preparations.
    9. Fuangfungkul, S., Molloy, R. and Molloy, N. Synthesis and Characterisation of a Novel Segmented Triblock Copolyester.
    10. Grudpan, G., Chantiwas, R., Muangkaew, S., Aumpun, P., Praditwiengcome, W.,Hamer, L., Jakmunee, J., Rayanakorn, M. Determination of Some Anions in Water Samples by Flow Injection Dialysis-Ion Chromatography.
    11. Jakmunee, J., Hamer, R., Aumpun, P. and Grudpan, G. Flow Injection Potentiometry for Chloride Determination.
    12. Jakmunee, J., Sripo, N. and Srithakul, I. Simple Automatic Titration System for Teaching.
    13. Jakmunee,J., Vaneesorn, Y. and Grudpan, G. Flow Injection Amperometry for Determination of Iodate in Iodine Added Table Salt.
    14. Jandanklang, P. and Chairote, G. Preliminary Study on Insect Repellent Plants.
    15. Jitmanee, K., Lapanantnoppakhun, S., Jakmunee, J. and Grudpan, G. Spectrophotometric Determination of Iodine Number for Edible Oil.
    16. Karnka, R. and Rayanakorn, M. High Performance Liquid Chromatography of Capsaicinoid Compounds.
    17. Kongtaweelert, S., Maison, W. and Phanichphant, S. Synthesis of Manganese-Doped Barium Titanate Powders by Catecholate Process.
    18. Liawruangrath, B. and Liawruangrath, S. Determination of VitaminB12 by Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy.
    19. Liawruangrath, S., Kuppithayanant, N., Jakmunee, J. and Sooksamiti, P. Evaluation of Various Wet Digestion Procedures for Heavy Metals Analysis of Soil Sample.
    20. Liawruangrath, S., Oungpipat, W. and Liawruangrath, B. Flow Injection Turbidimetric Determination of Zinc in Water Samples from Ping River.
    21. Masawat, P. and Liawruangrath, S. Determination of Pentachlorophenol Residues in Leather Products by Second Derivative UV Spectrophotometry.
    22. Na Lampang, K., Molloy, R. and Molloy. N. Characterisation of L-Lactide-e -Caprolactone Copolymers : Composition and Microstructure.
    23. Nitsawang, S. and Kanasawad, P. Purification of Papain and Chymopapain from Local Papaya Latex.
    24. Nualpralaksana, S. and Phanichphant, S. Characterisation of Lead Lanthanum Zirconate Titanate Powders Prepared from Metal Nitrate Solutions.
    25. Phakthong, V., Poo-uttree, K. and Liawruangrath, S. Determination of Leadin Lipstick by Atomic Absorption.
    26. Pookmanee, P., Kongtaweelert, S. and Phanichphant, S. Chemical Synthesis of Bismuth Sodium Titanate Powders by Nitrate Process.
    27. Poouthree, K., Jakmunee, J., Chantiwas, R. Grudpan, G. and Beckett, R. Performance Test for a Simple Field-Flow Fractionation System.
    28. Praditwiengcome, W., Harirutseree, S. and Grudpan, G. Spectrophotometric Determination of Cobalt by Flow Injection Analysis Using PAR*.
    29. Punyain, K., Liawruangrath, S. and Sangphagdee, C. The Study of Some WaterQuality Parameter and Determination of Some Heavy Metals in Water Sample from Mae-Kuang River, in Chiangmai and Lumphoon Provinces.
    30. Putaraporn, S., SangKhasap, P. and Liawruangrath, S. A Study and Analysis of Some Water Quality Parameter Natural Water Collected from Mae Kuang River.
    31. Rattanaphani, S., Sangphagdee, C. and Liawruangrath, S. Studies on Effect of Heat Treatments on the Propeties of the Bismuth System Superconductors Prepared by Evaporation to Dryness.
    32. Rattanaphani, V., Rattanaphani, S. and Liawruangrath, S. Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometric Determination of Some Heavy Metals in Mae Ping River.
    33. Rayanakorn, M. and Nantarat, S. Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry of Amphetamine and Methamphetamine.
    34. Sangphagdee, C., Liawruangrath, S. and Rattanaphani, S. Some Organochlorine Pesticide Residues in Water and Fish Samples from Agricultural Field.
    35. Sangrichan, S., Rujiralai, T. and Liawruangrath, S. Determination of Lead in Freckle Creams by Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry.
    36. Sangsanae, N., Supyen, D. Suttajit, M. and Sardsud, V. Antifungal and Mosquito Larvicdal Compounds from Houttnynia cordata Thunb. and Diospyros gardneri Thw.
    37. Satienperakul, S., Liawruangrath, S., Jamnongpien and Boonruang, S. Synthesis and Characteristic of Picoline Aldeehyde Salicyloylhydrazone and its Applications for Spectrophotometric Determination of Copper(ll).
    38. Srisopa, A. and Liawruangrath, S. Simple and Rapid Flow-Injection Spectrophotometric Determination of Insecticide Methyl Parathion.
    39. Sroisuriya, S. and Siriwittayakorn, T. Comparison of the Hydrogel Properties of Chitosan Films Before and After Autoclaving.
    40. Tananchai, P. and Kanasawud, P. Study of Protease Precipitation and Drying of Local Papaya Latex.
    41. Teerawutgulrag, A., Junta, P. and Buddhasukh, D. Synthesis of Amides VIA of 1-Hydroxybenzotriazole in Solventless System with Microwave Irridiation.
    42. Teerawutgulrag, A., Nimitsiriwat, N. and Buddhasukh, D. Synthesis of N-Benzylbutanamide Under Solvent-Free Condition Employing Microwave Irridiation.
    43. Thongtem, T., Sawaengsri, S. and Thongtem, S. The preparation of Barium Titanate Powders by the Coprecipitation Methods.
    44. Tinoi, R. and Rakariyatham, N. Isolation of Fatty Acid from Mustard Seed Oil by Low-Temperature Crystallization.
    45. Wanthanamaneekun, S., Khananthai, W. and Prasertkijwattana, P. Studying of the Opium Condition in Extracting the Thai Herbal Plants.
    46. Watanesk, R., Watanesk, S. and Chanasak, T. Comparative Study of Phosphate Adsorption on Impregnated Activated Carbon.
    47. Watanesk, S., Watanesk, R., Sripatumporn, T. and Panyanukul, P. Comparative Study of Complex Formation of Chromium(lll) with Triethylenediamine and Ethylenediamine.
    48. Wichai, S., Lumyong, S. and Phutrakul, S. Screening of Pigment Microorganisms for the Natural Sources of Colour.
    49. Wonganan, T. and Liawruangrath, S. Reverse Flow Injection Turbidimetric Determination of Sulphate in Drinking Water.
    50. Wongsuwan, P., Legpetch, P. and Liawruangrath, S. The Study Decreasing of Heavy Metals in Salt After Passage Through Column Which Packed with Kitosan and Water Hyacinth Fiber by Using AAS.
    51. Worakijcharoenchai, N., Grudpan, G. and Sooksamiti, P. Determination of Chromium(VI) by Flow Injection Flame AAS with Preconcentration on C18 Column.


    1. Promphutha, M. and Prewett, W.G. An Equation for Relating ASS Absorbance to Concentration of Analyte Element in Solution.
    2. Ratanasthien, B., Makin, W., Komehom, P. and Boonsoong, A. Replacement Fossil at Wiang Chiang Rung Northern Thailand.


    1. Boonchom, K., Tontragoon, J. and Tunkasiri, T. Piezoelectric Properties of PZT/PVC 0-3 Composite.
    2. Chirapatpimol, N., Vilaithong, T., Boonyawan, D., Amkaew, S. and Pasaja, N. Development of the CMU Intense Argon Beam Facility.
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    5. Liangdeng, Y., Intarasiri, S. and Vilaithing, T. Surface Modification of Steel by SIBAD.
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