Title : "Double-Differential Neutron Emission Cross Sections on 209Bi at 14.1 MeV Incident Energy"

Researcher : Vilaithong T., Tippawan U., Singkarat S. and Wiboonsake S.

Office of Researcher : PHYSICS


The energy and angular distributions of neutrons above 3 MeV emitted from collisions of 14.1 MeV neutrons with bismuth target were measured using the high resolution time-of-flight (TOF) facility at Chiang Mai University. The results are compared with the most recent measurements and with the calculated spectra based on the statistical multristep model code EXIFON. The angular distributions of the secondary neutrons were analyzed by the Kalbach-Mann systematics using the more recent coefficients of Kumabe et al. In the case of bismuth, the measured and calculated spectra only agree in the limited energy region between 6 and 12 MeV.

Published in : Science Asia (Journal of Science Society of Thailand), 25, 1999, 43-50