Title : "Ion Implantation in Thailand (I)-Development of Ion Implantation Facilities"

Researcher : Vilaithong T., Suwannakachorn D., Yotsombat B., Boonyawan D., Yu L.D., Davydov S., Rhodes M.W., Intarasiri S., Charaennugul R., Vichaisirimongkol P., Aumkaew S. and A-No V.

Office of Researcher : PHYSICS


Ion implantation with its many advantages has been widely and rapidly developed in the world to be a novel material treatment technique, which holds siginificance in both academic research and technical application. In order to develop and apply the ion implantation technique in the country, Thailand has launched a program to establish an ion beam center at Chiang Mai University. By efforts made during the past six years, the University has completed construction and installation of a 150-kV, research-purpose ion implantation facility, which consists of two beam lines - a 0° non-analyzed line and a 45° analyzed line, and which is being put into regular operation, and a 20-kV, high-current ion implanter based on a duoplasmatron ion source for non-analyzed N-ion beam implantation, and a high-intensity, multicusp ion source for special implantation purposes. The facilities have formed powerful tools for research, teaching and engineering application, and have played an indispensable role in promoting development of novel techniques in the country.

Published in : ASEAN J. Sci. Technology Development 14(2), 1997, 87-102