Title : "Circumoncobothrium Baimaii n. sp.(Cestoda : Pseudophyllidea) from a Freshwater Fish, Maesa Stream, Chiang Mai, Thailand"

Researcher : Wongsawad C. and Jadhav B.V.

Office of Researcher : BIOLOGY


The present description is based on a new species of the genus Circumoncobothrium Shinde, 1968. C. baimaii n. sp. differs from the earlier known species with many characters like scolex pear shaped, broad in the middle and tapering at the both ends, rostellum oval, with single circle of hooks 46-48 in number, bothridia saccular, broad towards the poster-end where as tapering toward the anterior-end occupying major portion of the scolex, small neck, genital pores irregularly alternate in many segments but last 10-12 segments genital pores are unilateral in position, testes rounded, 88-100 in number, post-ovarian, cirrus pouch placed centrally, vagina long tube, ovary compact, presence of shell gland, uterus small, saccular and granular vitellaria.

Published in : Rivista Di Parassitologia, Vol. XV(LIX)-N.3 Dicembre 1998, 291-294