Title : "A New Tapeworm from Gallua Gallus Domesticus from Thailand"

Researcher : Wongsawad C. and Jadhav B.V.

Office of Researcher : BIOLOGY


The present communication deals with a new species of the genus Cotugnia i.e Cotugnia chiangmaii n. sp. which is collected from Gallus gallus domesticus from Chiang Mai Province, Thailand. It differs from all the know species of the genus with the characters, scolex, quadrangular, rostellum rounded with numerous spines, mature segments square, cirrus pouch towards anterior region. Vagina posterior to cirrus pouch, testes oval to rounded, 12-20 in number, ovary without acini, vitelline gland oval, gravid segments broader than long and uterus reticulate with numerous eggs.

Published in : Rivista Di Parassitologia, Vol. XV(LIX)-N.2 Agusto 1998, 149-155