Title : "Respiration Kinetics of Mangoes and Asian Pear Fruits under MA Conditions and its Relation to the Ripening Behaviours"

Researcher : Sornsrivichai J., Yantarasiri T. and Gemma H.

Office of Researcher : BIOLOGY


Respiration of two cultivars of mango and one of Asian pear under MA was determined indirectly by numerical analysis of time-course changes in gas concentration inside the closed package system. Under MA conditions, the CO2 production rate was approximately constant while O2 consumption rate depended linearly on O2 level inside the package for both pear and mango. The kinetic constant of oxygen consumption rate(d O2/dt) was 1.40(O2 ),0.92 (O2), 0.25 (O2), while the CO2 production rate (d CO2 ) was 12.2, 8.87, 4.60 ml hr-1 kg-1, respectively in 'Nam Dork Mai' mango, 'Keaw Sawoey' mango and 'Pien Pu' pear. When the calculated respiration function was fitted into the mathematical model desribing the net rate change of CO2 and O2 due to fruit respiration and gas permeation through the package film, the predicted MA conditions closely described the actual conditions inside the package. The respiration kinetics supported the result that PVC sealed packaging had less effect in delaying ripening of low-respiring 'Pien Pu' pear but caused anaerobiosis to occur in high-respiring 'Nam Dork Mai' mango. A difference in depletion of internal O2 level in different kind of fruits under the MA condition was also observed.

Published in : Acta Horticulturae., Vol. 464 (1998), 339-344