Title : "Termatodes from Amphibians and Reptiles of Thailand"

Researcher : Wongsawad C., Sey O., Rojanapaibul A., Chariyahpongpun P., Suwattanacoupt S., Marayong T., Wongsawad P. and Rojtinnakorn J.

Office of Researcher : BIOLOGY


Five species of amphibians (Amolops afahanus, Ichthyophis supachaii, Kaloula pulchra, Mycrohyla sp., Rana sp. ) and 6 species of reptiles

(Amphiesma deschauensis, Cosymbotus platyurus, Liolepis belliana, Cuora amboiensis, Hemidactylus frenatus, Xenochrophis piscator) collected in Maesa stream (Doi Suthep-Pui National Park) and in the suburban areas of Chiang Mai, Thailand were examined for helminths. Out of the helminth parasites 11 species of trematodes (Diplodiscus amphichrus, Encyclometra bungara, Glyphthelmins staffordi, Pleurogenoides sphaericus, Ganeo tigrinus, Postochigenes majeedi, Mesocoelium sociale, Acanthostomum (Atrophecaecum) burminis, Paradistomum geckonum, Gogatea serpentium, Euryhelmis sp. have been reported in this papers. All of the species represent new locality records.

Published in : Journal of Science Society of Thailand, 24, 1988, 265-274