Title : " Applied High-Current N-Ion-Beam Surface Engineering of Metals and Industrial Tools at Chiang Mai University"

Researcher : S. Davydov, L.D. Yu, M.W. Rhodes, S. Intarasiri, C. Thongleurm, V. A-no, T. Vilaithong and B. Yotsombat

Office of Researcher : PHYSICS


For industrial applications on surface engineering, plasma and ion beam technology has been steadily developed at Chiang Mai University, where the ion beam technology center of Thailand has been established. A 150-kV, high-current, non-analyzed ion implanter based on a modified duoplasmatron ion source and a complete computerized control has been develop industrially applicable ion implantation. High-current (( mA) and high-dose ((018-1019N/cm2) N-ion implantation at either low energies or medium energies in steels, including tooling, structural and machinery steels, and alloys, as well as other ion beam techniques such as single-ion-beam assisted deposition, has been explored using the facility for modification of tribological properties. The ion implanter has also been engaged in industrial service to local customers in implanting various practical objects. The ion implantation for both academic and applied purposes has proved to be successful in improving hardness and wear resistance as well as prolonging lifetime of the ion-beam-processed tools.

Presented at Asian European Plasma Surface Engineering Conference (AEPSE'99), Peking, China, 15-19 September, 1999.