Title : "Surface Modification of Selected Ti-based Alloys at 1000-1300 K"

Researcher : Somchai Thongtem and Titipun Thongtem

Office of Researcher : PHYSICS


The alloys of Ti-40wt%Al, Ti-43wt%Al and Ti-48wt%Al were nitrided at the temperature of 1000-1300 K for 1000 hours. Hardness and thickness values were determined. It was found that the values increased with the increasing of the nitridation temperature and with the wt% Al in the alloys. Thickness values of the scale nitrided at 1300 K of the three alloys were in the order of 10-20 microns/side. With 1300 K nitridation, Knoop hardness of the nitride-Ti-48wt%Al composites was as high as 285% of the non-nitrided alloy and its mass increase was 0.7318 mg.cm-2. These showed the consistency between the experimental results of the hardness and thickness values of the alloys.

Presented at 11th International Conference on Surface Modification of Metals by Ion Beams (SMMIB,99) , Peking, China, 17 - 28 September, 1999.