Title : "The Preparation of CaTi03, SrTi03, BaTi03 and PbTi03 by Coperation Methods and the Consistence of Analytical Techniques"

Researcher : Titipun Thongtem and Somchai Thongtem

Office of Researcher : CHEMISTRY


Fine powders of MtiO3 (M = Ca, Sr, Ba and Pb) were prepared by the coprecipitation processes of titanium salts or titanium alkoxides with the cooresponding of M-metal salts. Coprecipitation temperatures and pH values were the factors to control the purity. The precipitates were then heated over the temperature range between 400 and 1000 oC to control the degree of crystallinity and the purity of the products. By using the techniques of XRD, XRF, IR, TGA, GA and AAS, it was found that the final products were MtiO3 with mole ratio of M : Ti of 1 : 1 and that they contained very small amount of impurities.

Presented at Asia-Pacific Surface & Interface Analysis Conference, Singapore, 28 November - 7 December, 1998.