Title : "Domestic Sewage Treatment by Acitzyme"

Researcher : Morakot Sukchotiratana and B. Chonnakarn

Office of Researcher : BIOLOGY


Two sets of experiments were conducted for domestic sewage treatment by using Actizyme, a commercial biological product, at a ratio of 1.5 g/61 of waste water. The product consisted of Bacillus subtilis and four enzymes : amylase, lipase, protease and cellulase. The Actizyme treated groups and the untreated control were left for 7 days and BOD5 determined. The BOD5 of the Actizyme treated groups was found to be significantly reduced by 68.11% and 79.39% at 95% and 99% confidence level respectively when compared with the untreated control. The Actizyme treated groups showed an increase in pH, reduction in turbidity and odor.

Presented at 17th Biennial Conference of The Asian Association for Biology Education, Manila, Philippines, 10 - 20 December, 1998.