Ҥǡ 6/4

Papers Presented at the 24th Congress on Science and Technology of Thailand

(19 - 21 October 1998)


Boontim, N. and Lumyong, S. Selective Pretreatment Method for Isolation of Chitinase Actinomycetes in Soil.

Chetiyanukornkun, T. and Sripen, S. Possibility of Using Grass from Different Ecotypes for Wastewater Treatment.

Leksawasdi, P. and Suvanarid. C. Lichee and Longan Twig, Stem Borer, Zeuzera Coffeae.

Marayong, T., Wongsawad, C., Proongkiat, I. and Rojanapaibul, A. Survey of Protozoa In Mae - Sa Water Fall from Doi Suthep - Pui of Chiang Mai.

Nettagul , A. and Singtripop, T. .Effects of Juvenile Hormone on the Termination of Larval Diapause in Bamboo Borer ( Omphisa Fuscidentalis Hampson ).

Proongkiat, I., Rojanapaibul, A., Marayong, T. and Suwattanakupt,S. Distribution of Protozoa in Some Areas of Northern Thailand.

Rojanapaibul, A., Marayong T., Suwattanakupt, S. and Proongkiat, I. Diversity of Protozoa in Huay Youk Reservoir Chiang Mai Province.

Suwattanakupt S., Intratip, O., Rojanapaibul, A., Marayong, T. and Proongkiat, I. Survey of Protozoa in Nong Hoa Reservoir Chiang Mai Province.

Trisonthi, C. and Krueasan, D. Biodiversity of Wild Plants at Huai - Toon Forest and Plants Used by Local People in Toon Subdistric, Phayao Province.

Trisonthi, C., Yaso, T., Boonkorn, P., Thatsaneeyakorn, J. and Trisonthi, P. A Study on Ethnobotany of Lahu Na at Huay Pong Village, Lisu at Sarm - Kula Village and Akha at Doi Sa - Ngo Village in Chiang Rai.

Trisothi, P., Pantarod, B., Jampeetong , A. and Trisonthi, C. Plant Diversity on the Nature Trail at Angkhang Royal Project Station, Chiang Mai.

Wanichacheewa, S. and Sinpitak, P. Effects of Aqueous Extract from Seeds of Cockomb ( Celosia Argentea Linn. ) on the Reproductive System of Male Rats.


Artchariyavivit, O. and Kumtabtim, U. The Determination of Optimum Condition of Leaching Vanadium in Lignite Fly Ash Using Hydrochloric Acid and Sodium Carbonate Solution.

Boonsinthai, B. and Phutrakul, S. Effect of Some Metal Ions, Inhibitors and Surfactants on Activity of Extracellular Lipases from Five Thermophile Isolates.

Chuenpratoom, T., Watanesk , R. and Watanesk, S. Chemical Equilibrium in Micellar Solution of Surfactant.

Grudpan, K., Jakmunee, J. and Sooksamiti, P. Flow Injection Systems Within Valve Column.

Intamon, P., Lapanantnoppakhun, S. and Grudpan., K. Spectrophotometric Determination of Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride.

Jakmunee, J., Treekongka, P., Grudpan, K. and Beckett, R. Construction and Performance Test of A Simple Field Flow Fractionation System.

Khananthai, W., Panmai, K., Kiatisakthavorn, K.,Suthivathin, T., Budhsuk, D. and Werdelmann, B. The Analysis of Speed Oil Composition by Gas Chromatography.

Kruanetr, S., Liawruangrath, S. and Rattanaphani, V. Preconcentration Procedure for Trace Metal Analysis by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry.

Lapanantnoppakhun, S., Jitmanee, K. and Grudpan, K. Electronic Spectral Characteristies of Aqueous Potassium Iodide Extract from the Freshly and Aged Hanus Solution Mixed with Oleic Acid.

Liawruangrath, B. and Liawruangrath, S. Determination of Indomethacin by Indirect Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry.

Liawruangrath, S., Kongthong, S., Liawruangrath, B. and Manosroi, A. Novel Flow Injection Colorimetric Determination of Anionic Surfactants in Shampoo Samples.

Maison, W., Kongtaweelert , S. and Phanichphant, S. Phase Transition Study of Barium Titaniate Powders Prepared by Catecholate Process.

Naulpralax, S. and Phanichphant, S. Charcterisation of Lead Zirconate Titanate Powders Prepared from Metal Nitrate Solutions.

Phutdhawong, W., Fox, P.A. and Baramee.A. Preparation Development of n-Butyllithium.

Pojanagaroon, T., Liawruangrath, S. and Liawruangrath, B. Turbidimetric Determination of Zinc Using Diantipyrylmethylmethane Chloride as Precipitant.

Praditwieangcome, W., Kunapongkiti, S., Sooksamiti, P., Grudpan, K, Rakbamrung , N. and Edwards, R. Flow Injection Determination of Yttrium.

Rattanaphani, S. Monitoring of Some Organochlorine Pesticide Residues in Mae Klang River

Sabuyjai, S. and Kanasawud, P. Synthesis of Methyl and Ethyl Ester of Fatty Acids from Alcoholysis of Palm Oil by Lipozyme.

Sakorn, P. and Rakariyatham, N. Partial Purification of Enzyme Myrosinases from Brassica Juncea.

Sakulkhaemaruethai, S. and Liawruangrath, S. A Simple Flow Injection Spectrophotometric Procedure for Aluminium ( III ) Determination in Tap Water.

Sangphagdee, C. Rattanaphani, S. and Liawruangrath, S. Determination of Some Heavy Metals in Soil Samples by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry.

Satienperakul, S. and Liawruangrath, S. Flow Injection Spectrophotometric Procedure for Trace Aluminium Determination.

Sinchaikul, S. and Phutrakul, S. Partial Purification and Characterization of Extracellular Protease Produced by Thermophillic Bacterium Strain TLS 33.

Sripuan, T. and Tongkao, D. Lectin and Glycosidase Activities in Some Plant Seeds.

Thongpoon, C. and Liawruangrath, S. Flow Injection Colorimetric Determination of Chromium (VI) in Industrial Waste Waters.

Trakarnsirinont, W. and Rakariyatham, N. Phenolic Compounds of Mustard Protein Fraction.

Vaneesorn, Y., Jakmunee, J. and Grudpan, K. Construction of a Simple Chloride Ion Selective Electrode.

Watanesk, S., Jumboonma, C. and Watanesk, R. Adsorption of Copper (II) -Triethylenediamine Complex on Actived Carbon.

Worakijcharoenchai N., Ngeum, T., Grudpan, K. and Sooksamiti, P. Determination of Chromium (VI) by online Preconcentration Flow Injection Analysis.


Asnachinda, A., Praserdvigai, S., Prewett, W.G. and Promphutha, M. Geochemical and Isotope Investigation of the Fang Geothermal Field, Chiang Mai Province.

Chaiwongsaen, N. and Asanachinda, P. Contamination of Groundwater by Arsenic at Tambon Pa Tan Tambon Chang Puek Amphoe Muang and Tambon Don Kaew , Amphoe Mae Rim, Changwat Chiang Mai.

Kwansirikul, K. and Takashima, I. Application of Oxygen - 18 and Deuterium for Investigating the Origin of Groundwater in Lampang Basin, Northern Thailand.

Rodjanapo, S., Ratanasathien, B., Srihiran, S. and Kantharosa, W. Algae Oil Source Rocks in Oil Well Fa NY 30 01, Nong Yoa Oil Field, Fang Basin.

Singharajwarapan, S. and Hongjaisee, U. Seismic Hazard of Thailand.

Tanakwang, W. and Ratanasthien, B. Petroleum Source Rocks of Satun G - 3 Well, Pattani Basin, Gulf of Thailand.


Aeimbhu, A., Thongtem, S. and Thongtem, T. High Temperature Nitridation of Selected Titanium Alloys.

Chaisupan, S., Sirikulrat, N. and Thongnoparat, A. Shear Strength of Ceramic Joints Bonded with Silver.

Intarasiri, S., Yu, L., Vilaithong, T. and Thongchucha euy, V. Effect Of Double Ion Implantation On Surface Hardness of SKD 11 Tool Steel.

Rujijanagul, G., Thajchayapong, M.,Chaisuphan, S. and Tunkasiri, T. Niobium And Nickel Oxide Doped Barium Titanate Ceramic High Voltage Capacitors.

Sansonsiri, S., Davydov, S., Yotsombut, B. and Jinati, O. High Power Trigger.

Silawongsawat, T., Sribanrieng, P. and Tontragoon, J. Piezoelectric Buzzer Prepared from PXE 4 Powder.

Sirikulrat, N. and Salyabongs, P. 0 - 3 Ceramics - Plastic Composite Dielectric Capacitor.

Thongtem, S.,Angsupaisal, C. and Thongtem, T. Some Properties of Light Bricks.

Thongtem, T., Saengkiettiyut, K. and Thongtem, S. Corrosion Protection of Steel Plates Coated with RPF and Coal Tar Epoxy.

Tunkasiri, T., Dararutana, P., Sirikulrat,N., Tontragoon, J., Vilaithong, T., Panichphant, S. and Wathanakul, P. Physical Properties and Composition of Ancient Glass.

Vilaithong, T., Chupaween, W. and Kruangam, D. Frontier Research in Physical Science and its Relevence to the Thai Society.

Wongtawatnugool, C., Lacharojana, S. and Sangkoom, J. Optical Thickness Mapping: Mach - Zehnder Interferometric Technique.