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Faculty of Science, Chaing Mai University
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The students could be admitted to CMU’s undergraduate study on the basis of qualifying grades in the Central University Admission System (CUAS) and the Northern Quota Entrance Examination. The 20 per cent of undergraduate students could be admitted through the special undergraduate programs.

Central University Admission System (CUAS) – A new Central University Admission System was implemented in the academic year 2009. The new CUAS has been designed to integrate many factors of a student’s
 achievements and performance according to the following principles:
• High school cumulative grade point average (GPAX) – 20% weighting
• Result of the Ordinary National Educational Test (O-NET) – 30% weighting
• Result of the General Attitude Test (GAT) – up to 50% weighting (depend on the subject)
• Result of the Professional Attitude Test (PAT) – up to 50% weighting (depend on the subject)
Northern Quota Entrance Examination
Alternatively, students in the 17 provinces of Northern Thailand can gain university admission based on the results of the Northern Quota Entrance Examination procedure. This will take approximately half of the amount before the CUAS will happen.
Special Undergraduate programs
Students must meet the specific entrance requirements of one of the special undergraduate programs.
Criteria for Direct Entrance include:
• Excellent GPA and GPAX Grades
• Outstanding Sports Ability
• Outstanding Contribution to Community Service
• Acknowledged Contribution to Raising Social Awareness
• Outstanding Potential in Engineering Abilities
Further Details: for further information of undergraduate admission criteria, please contact directly to Registration Office
Tel. (66)5394 3071 ext. 107
Fax. (66)5389 2212